Paisley Park - Pitch 1

Paisley Park - Pitch 1 is the part of the Paisley Park Soccer Complex that is split between two clubs and in this one we are focusing on the side that Altona Magic, one of the most successful clubs in the old Victorian Premier League and a National Premier League Victoria club.

The main feature is the impressive pavilion that stretches across a large part of the complex. In terms of looks it definitely stands out. The undercover area would hold a decent amount of people even though at the time of these photos it dose lack any seating. The best seats at the venue are actually the ones that belongs in the coaches boxes! Many of the men's senior matches are hosted under lights.

The pavilion also is split between Altona Magic and rivals Altona East Phoenix who play of the pitch on the other side with each club getting their own sections.

Parking is available on site.