Thursday, 9 July 2020

Power Reserve - 2020

Power Reserve in Doveton facing west.
To find the soccer ground in  Power Reserve, Doveton you will need to drive around the football/cricket oval and head to the back end of the reserve and there you will find the neat little home of Endeavour Hills Fire. The best aspect is that the home club has access to one made for the soccer pitch. The detached pavilion to the west side that has little benefits to spectators except for the canteen but parking is not too much of an issue. You can watch matches from the banking to the east but best if the day is overcast as you could be facing directly into the sun.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Frank Holohan Reserve

Frank Holohan Reserve's main pitch, facing north.
Well, finally I got around to get some drone images of Frank Holohan Reserve, the home of NPL club Dandenong City. For many years this venue has been in existence and since Chelsea Hajduk took over the former Dandenong City with big ambitions the place just seems to get looking better every time with improvements like the undercover stand, clubrooms and parking bays etc. The venue contains three full-size pitches.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Skye Reserve - 2020

Skye Reserve facing east.
Skye Reserve, facing east.
.Skye Reserve has enjoyed a steady amount of improvements since Skye United shifted from their old home at the Italian Australia club in Carrum Downs. In these images, it shows the new changerooms to the right facing the pavilion. The oval was altered years ago so that two full-size pitches can be placed giving its odd shape.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Monterey Boulevard Reserve - 2020

Monterey Boulevard Reserve facing west. 
These are updated images of Monterey Boulevard Reserve, the home of the Frankston Pines, takin in 2020. To see older images and also one from ground level please check them out here. Click Here

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

KM Reedy Reserve - 2020

KM Reedy Reserve in 2020 facing south.
KM Reedy Reserve is located in Hampton Park, Victoria and is home to Hampton Park United Sparrows, a club that fields teams in the Football Victoria League. The venue has over the years been improved on, with the back pitches having been redone and the pavilion enjoying extensions for more changerooms. Park is available around the pavilion but is limited so many need to park on the feeding road.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Grices Road Reserve - 2020

Grices Road Reserve in 2020 facing east.
Grices Road Reserve in Berwick, Victoria is the home for Berwick Churches Soccer Club, one of the largest clubs in the Victorian Churches Football Association. The reserve has two pitches in front of the pavilion that is also suited for cricket and another purpose-built football pitch to the north-west. The pavilion is set up on the east side of the main pitch with parking bays around it. 

Monday, 22 June 2020

Seaford North Reserve - 2020

Seaford North Reserve facing towards the bay in 2020.
Took my drone out to take some images of the updates to the pavilion to Seaford North Reserve. The new addition to the pavilion that was opened in 2019 includes 2 referred rooms, to additional change rooms, first aid room and a storeroom. The car park also was redone along with other works like the playgrounds.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Lawson Poole Reserve

Lawson Poole Reserve in 2020 facing east.
Lawson Poole Reserve in Cranbourne underwent a major redevelopment that included two new full-size football pitches to go along with the existing oval and then to top it off a new multipurpose pavilion was built. The venue is situated on the corner of Thomson Road and South Gippsland Highway with access to the car park on Lesdon Avenue. 

Barton Reserve

Barton Reserve in 2020 facing south.
Barton Reserve in Cranbourne West was opened in late 2019 in one of the newer estates in the surrounding suburbs. This is a purpose-built venue for football along with an oval that can split into two football fields. Surrounding it is a car park with the main pavilion situated to the west of the main pitch with some undercover area for spectators. One sensible arrangement is that the coaches boxes are on the east side which means uninterrupted viewing for the spectator. 

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Hitting that restart button.

So as life is slowly getting itself back together the next step to work out what to do when the football season kicks off again in 2020. To be truthful the thought of just getting away to do a match somewhere I have not been too or for some time is far more desirable than to continue to course that Football Chaos has been on for the last few years.