2019 Women's Chaos Cup Results

Knox Churches v Croydon City from the final. Photo by Krystal Gray
Two cups, two winners over two days. Croydon City Arrows and Avondale FC both went home with the winners cup trophies after a brilliant weekend of women's football hosted by the great people at Pakenham United and sponsored by Unlock Real Estate and KonQa.

Thankyou so much for all involved, from the people at Pakenham United who must be exhausted from the weekend, to the clubs involved and especially the sponsors Unlock Real Estate and KonQa. Everyone involved has made these two cups so much more valuable.

Croydon City Arrows
Saturday: The level one Women's Football Chaos Cup was played for teams at the State League 1-2 level with the inclusion of Knox Churches from the Victorian Churches FA. Last years cup winners Berwick City was knocked out of the group stage along with Ashburton. The final saw Croydon City Arrows lift up the trophy after a strong performance against Knox Churches in 29deg heat. Knox Churches on their part showed how good their league is at the Victorian Churches FA.

Women's Football Chaos Cup results : Level 1

Group Stage
Berwick City 0 - 1 Ashburton United
Croydon City 0 - 0 Knox Churches
Croydon City 1 - 0 Berwick City
Knox Churches 2 - 0 Ashburton United
Knox Churches 1 - 1 Berwick City
Croydon City 3 - 0 Ashburton United

Croydon City 4 - 0 Knox Churches

Avondale FC : Photo by The Man in the Stands
Sunday: The level two cup for teams from State 3 and below showed that everyone in the FV Women's State League 5 West better watch out as the newly formed team Avondale FC put on a dominating performance for most of their matches that eventuated in them winning the final against Point Cook 4 - 0. The only team to really test them was Traralgon City in the semi final. The coach of the Avondale FC Sean Sumner also had won the very first Women's Chaos Cup trophy with Truganinia Hornets.

Women's Football Chaos Cup results : Level 2

Group Stage
Pakenham United 2 - 2 Bayside Argonauts
Ringwood City 0 - 3 Avondale
St Kilda 0 - 2 Point Cook
Traragon City 2 - 3 LaTrobe City
Ringwood 5 - 0 Pakenham United
Avondale 5 - 0 Bayside Argonauts
Traragon City 5 - 0 St Kilda
LaTrobe City 0 - 2 Point Cook
Avondale 8 - 0 Pakenham United
Ringwood City 0 - 0 Bayside Argonauts
LaTrobe City 0 - 1 St Kilda
Traralgon City 0 - 1 Point Cook

Avondale 1 - 0 Traralgon City
Ringwood City 1 - 2 Point Cook

Avondale 4 - 0 Point Cook