0011 - Substance

Well, this is the first weekend off from covering any football for some time and it gives me a chance to give needed love to this blog site.

Now at the moment concentrating on updating the history section but in order to do that I had to change the colour scheme of the site as the dark version dose not work well when importing tables. After that I have a ton more venue images to sort out and upload. All sort of boring back end stuff but necessary.

In regards to the history section, one of the biggest issues is the difficulty of getting many of the regional leagues list of champions etc. I have started a number of list but found it very time consuming just to find out a few bits of info.

Beside that I have no idea what to do next. When the time is right will get back out there and perhaps cover some of the All Nations and perhaps the some of the U-Nite Cup fixtures. All depends on my motivation.

Sorry a bit of a boring blog this one.