Thoughts of 2020 - Part 1

So as the 2020 season is fast approaching plus the added enjoyment of not doing anything football related in the last month or so it the realisation that after 20 years or so of covering the game, from the days of Soccer Venues, Bayside Soccer League and now Football Chaos it is getting harder just get the motivation to get back into the swing of things. That itself is a warning sign for myself as years ago that was never an issue.

So what to do about 2020! Already one thing is for sure, you do the same thing over and over again then you never will experience the most of it all, whatever that is. I want to see what I can do with this season and reinvigorate myself. The idea of going to areas outside the metropolitan zone has always been inviting, especially if I make a day out of it. This in fact actually was the original idea of Football Chaos, to just do anything from anywhere, no boundary's of leagues etc. That itself takes a lot of commitment and the cost of doing as such can be blown out so I will have to be happy with the knowledge of that. The other issue that may arise is committing to that means perhaps less time with the family, including my parents needing more help that ever. So sorting out a balance to suit all is difficult and for sure football cannot come first.

A few years back I also cut back on articles, this actually helped out in covering more matches video wise and is what I believe most people want anyhow. My writing skills are certainly not great (fixing errors in this article for eg) and you can easily get stuck in the issue of re-posting news as the time to invest in doing your homework, getting facts and ensuring the information correct is very time consuming. That is one of the reason why so much of what you see posted on facebook is very poor in actual original content. What I felt best is doing the visual stuff.

So as I head into 2020 it will be interesting to see for myself what I end up doing by the end of the season.Will I fall back into what I normally do or will it develop in a different way or nothing at all!