2020 Monash Views Chaos Cup - Fixtures

Here are the fixtures for the 2020 Monash Views - Football Chaos Cup. All games are played at Monash Reserve in Newborough on Saturday 22nd Feb.

Group A:, Monash, Mt Eliza, Nth Melb Athletic, Whitehorse Utd 
Group B: Carlton Azzuri, Croydon Ranges, Mooroolbark Knights, West Brunswick 

10:00 Monash v Whitehorse Utd 
10:00 Nth Melb Athletic v Mt Eliza 

10:50 West Brunswick v Mooroolbark Knights 
10:50 Carlton Azzuri v Croydon Ranges 

11:40 Monash v Nth Melb Athletic 
11:40 Whitehorse Utd v Mt Eliza 

12:30 West Brunswick v Croydon Ranges 
12:30 Mooroolbark Knights v Carlton Azzuri 

1:20 Nth Melb Athletic v Whitehorse Utd 
1:20 Monash v Mt Eliza 

2:10 Mooroolbark Knights v Croydon Ranges 
2:10 West Brunswick v Carlton Azzuri 

3:30 Semi-final 

4:50 Grand Final