Hitting that restart button.

So as life is slowly getting itself back together the next step to work out what to do when the football season kicks off again in 2020. To be truthful the thought of just getting away to do a match somewhere I have not been too or for some time is far more desirable than to continue to course that Football Chaos has been on for the last few years.

I posted the question to name some options for visiting a club that is

1. Obscure
2. Regional
3. Not Been There Before!

Some options commented was Portland Soccer Club, Castlemaine Goldfield and 
Colac Otway Rovers AFC. All definitely tick the yes box. So at least it gives me a target to get to perhaps one of these matches. 
Another idea is to do more matches from league outside the Football Victoria domain for at least 2020.

Now for the last detail, I GOT A NEW DRONE! Already got a few snaps from two venues in Cranbourne so they will be posted up shortly. The one in the pic is Barton Reserve, home of Barton United.