2003 PLC Rd 2 - Carrum United v North Caulfield

2003 VSF Provisional League Cup: Round 2 (March 10th) Carrum United (Provisional 2 SE ) vs North Caulfield (Provisional 1 SE) Venue: Italo Australia Club (525-531 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175)

Sorry about how poor my camera skills were back then. Found this footage at the back end of one of my mini tapes. What I decided to do is keep what I found and uploaded it in its entirety. So its the first goal and then the last 15 mins or so of footage of the game 

The venue was called the Italo Australia Club that was a privately owned venue shared by Carrum United Soccer Club, the restaurant and the lawn bowls club. This place was sold off and Carrum United was forced to find a new home. They then became the current day Skye United and host games at Skye Reserve.