Monterey Boulevard Reserve - 2020

Monterey Boulevard Reserve facing west. 
These are updated images of Monterey Boulevard Reserve, the home of the Frankston Pines, takin in 2020. To see older images and also one from ground level please check them out here. Click Here
Monterey Boulevard Reserve is located in Frankston North, Victoria and in the long time home of the Frankston Pines and also Southern United from the NPLW. Victorian Premier League football was held here until the Frankston Pine's last season in the top division in 2008.

The venue consists of two full-size pitches with an undercover stand with seating, lights for night matches and a very large building that will soon be pulled down and replaced with a new one in time for 2020.

The stand itself was almost pulled down until it was refurbished and seating added with is such a great outcome for all.