Websites are so fragile.

One of the things that has being going in my mind of late is the issue of once a website goes down for wherever reason all the work and information disappears and not retrievable in many cases.

Over the years, since 2001 i think, i have done many websites and for the most part all the work has gone unless you check out Wayback Machine That is why it is so important to have at least the videos up on YouTube as majority of my work are still accessible today and hopefully for many years in the future.

The point I guess I am trying to get at is why I am going to start updating this Football Chaos blogger page. This is a free tool and hopefully like the YouTube page will be up for many years to come regardless. This along with the Facebook Page and the YouTube Channel means that much I my work from this moment on wards will be kept online.

At the moment I pay approx $240 each year to keep the website up and running and recently after I forgot to update my payments the website went down and that was the moment I realised how fragile websites truly are.

Tricky things I want to keep are the venues images and how to add them and make them easily accessible. The plus side it is so easy to update, share pages, add images and videos plus more.

Anyhow lets see how this go, perhaps good idea, perhaps not. In time if it works out I will add my domain name to this.

Two of the best blogger sites out there got it right in the first place.

South of the Border

Melbourne Soccer


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