Monday, 30 September 2019

Boronia Grove Reserve

Boronia Grove Reserve is located in Doncaster East, Victoria and is home to many matches hosted by the Melbourne Chinese Soccer Association. The pavilion is these photo will be replaced with a new pavilion to the cost of $1 million and work to commence between 2019 to 2020.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Anderson Park

Anderson Park is a venue located in Doncaster and is home to Doncaster Rovers. The area holds two pitches with the main one closest to the car park. A undercover seating area in front of the club rooms is one of the better pavilions at this level of football in Victoria. Most of the men's seniors match are hosted under-lights but the draw back that if it is played during the afternoon then most spectators will be looking into the sun. Plenty of car parking available.

0011 - Substance

Well, this is the first weekend off from covering any football for some time and it gives me a chance to give needed love to this blog site.

Now at the moment concentrating on updating the history section but in order to do that I had to change the colour scheme of the site as the dark version dose not work well when importing tables. After that I have a ton more venue images to sort out and upload. All sort of boring back end stuff but necessary.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Harris Reserve

Harris Reserve in Warrnambool.

Harris Reserve in Warrnambool, Victoria is the main venue for the city and is approx 265 plus km from Melbourne. The has two pitches with the second pitch the main focus for these pictures. Parking bays are available at the pavilion and people will also park around the south side of the pitches.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Trip to Warnambool for Grand Final

Got hooked on a song by Holy Holy called Teach Me About Dying and that was one of a number of tracks I listen too on the long trip to Warnambool and back. So made a day of it and made the most of the limited time. Weather was not too bad, that was until the match got underway! With the rain as cold a ice pelting down I have never seen players leave the field so quickly at half time.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

0009 - Going the Distance

Image result for warrnambool wolvesWow, looking forward to tomorrow as I head to Warrnambool to record the SWVFA Grand Final between Warrnambool Wolves and last years winners Corangamite Lions. Sure it is a bit drive but its more about making a day of it all than rather just recording a match. This was part of the idea of Football Chaos to begin with but life had a few things that pop up to make it difficult for a time but not this time.

Now Warrnambool Wolves is no stranger to Football Chaos as I got to record them once when they participated in the 2018 FFA Cup against Aspendale Stingrays. They did enter the 2019 edition but had drawn GSL club Monash Wolves and the drive there seemed made it difficult enough to get a full team that Warrnambool Wolves pulled out. 

So while it appears it will rain I dont care, just going to head that way and do what I can. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

0008 - Title Unknown

End of the regular season sometimes comes with the mixed emotions of needed a break but at the same time going to be missing it. Now after the amazing scenes last Saturday when Barnstoneworth United became perhaps the first time with a fictional club name from a TV show to win a FV State League I am now looking around to doing cup finals and the like.

This Saturday I will be heading to do two matches from the Victorian Churches FA as Knox Churches host their cup finals. Two times and current Premier League and Chaos Cup winners Mooroolbark Knights will be taking on the might of Berwick Churches in the main cup final.

On Sunday looking at perhaps the MCSA cup final. I have never been to one of that leagues matches so might be as good as any to introduce myself  as Clube takes on Carlton Azzurri. Now only downside rain is predicted for the day.

Well more tom work out in the coming weeks but yeah I also want to be able to enjoy some of the better weather that is coming up.

Friday, 6 September 2019

0007 - The Final Round!

Ok, choosing a last round match is sort of getting harder and harder. In Football Chaos first full year (2009, started in 2008) I actually ended up at a match between Ringwood City and St Kevins where Ringwood was attempting to win their first league championship after a horrid run of relegation's in perhaps the clubs darkest years. It wasn't a State League match. nor a Provisional League match but the then Metropolitan League (not the current Metro League) match. a division that sat below the Provisional Leagues. Why, because no one really cared where I went to back then and so I just picked something that I felt would have meant something.

Now many years later I am going to head to...

▶ Barnstoneworth United vs Keilor Wolves S.C.

This is a risky contest as one or the other team could win the league or Balmoral could grab the title if they defeat Maidstone added with Barnstoneworth dropping points. So why this one?

Well oddly enough it is because of the comments that I have read from Melton Phoenix FC and Ballarat Soccer Club in regards to how Barnstoneworth has conducted themselves in the first year of the state leagues. They have left a remarkable impression on clubs that is so sadly missing in community football.

It is a club that donated countless dollars to charities over the years as well. They have set and amazing example and one that I would feel privilege to record regardless of the result.

Hope this all make sense and apologies to other clubs for not making it too their big contest.

Did it again!