Saturday, 30 November 2019

Skye Reserve

Skye Reserve in Skye, Victoria is a venue that alternates with cricket during seasons and has over the years enjoyed improvements from the field to the pavilion. A few years back ground works was completed so that two full size pitches could be placed with a new surface to go with it.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Cartledge Reserve

Cartledge Reserve in Ivanhoe, Victoria is the home for Heidelberg Stars Soccer Club. The pavilion has been rebuilt in recent years with very little remaining of the old one. The new set up includes four change-rooms, kitchen, social room and undercover area. This sits in-front of two full size pitches with a cricket pitch in the middle.

Balmoral Park

Balmoral Park is located in Derrimut, Victoria and is home to Balmoral Soccer Club. The venue is your straight forward oval that alternates between cricket and football with a sporting pavilion on the west side. Matches for the home club Balmoral is regularly play under lights. The pavilion is social room is made to accommodate 60 people with change rooms and kitchen area. Parking bays are available on site.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Lyndale Secondary College

Lyndale Secondary College as the name suggest is a government run school with a sporting venue that has for many years used as a home base for Lyndale United Football Club. There is two pitches available for the club with a two story pavilion situated on the north east section on the main pitch. The pavilion has a balcony as seen in these pics. Parking bays are on the main road with some parking along side the pitch itself.

HR Uren Reserve

HR Uren Reserve is located in Thomastown, Victoria and is home to Lalor United "Sloga" FC. The venue has seen some upgrades over the years with improvements to the pavilion as well as the pitches. There is two pitches with one much more narrow the the main pitch. Parking bays are available on site but are very limited.

The Peninsula School

The Peninsula School in Mt Eliza, Victoria has a large sporting area that in the case of these images is used by TOPSA Soccer Club, a club that participates in the Bayside FA with the men's seniors and also in the FV Women's State Leagues. For memory it has two full size pitches and two smaller one. The pavilion is situated on the west side with parking just below it, though in my case I had to park some distance away because of lack of car park spots.

Brandon Park Reserve

You can find Brandon Park Reserve in Glen Waverley, Victoria, just north across the road of the Brandon Park Shopping Centre. The venue fields had been upgraded a few years back but the pavilion has basically been the same for quite some time. The area has one full size pitch and a junior pitch. Parking is available on site. The home club for 2019 was Mazenod Victory, a merged club identity with the previous home club Waverley Victory and before all that Clayton Soccer Club called this venue home.

HV Jones Reserve

HV Jones Reserve is a sporting reserve in Ferntree Gully that is home to Boronia Soccer Club and during the alternate period Mountain Gate Cricket Club. The field was recently upgraded which was a big improvement from how it was in the past. Lights has also now been installed and Boronia Soccer Club played a few twilight games in 2019. Parking is not too difficult as you can park on the street if parking bays for the reserve are full. The pavilion has also been improved on and expanded over the years.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Edithvale Recreation Reserve

Edithvale Recreation Reserve is a venue in Edithvale, Victoria. The main pitch that the home club Chelsea FC uses is inside a velodrome with two other pitches on the other side of the pavilion along with a baseball field that is home to the Chelsea Dolphins Baseball Club.

Sasses Avenue Reserve

Sasses Avenue Reserve is located in Bayswater, Victoria and is home for Bayswater Park Cricket Club and is also used at time by the Bayswater Strikers Soccer Club when Guy Turner Reserve is out of action. Nothing to much to point out here with a basic pavilion on the north end and a large oval area for cricket and football. Parking bays are available on site.

Frederick Watcher Reserve

Frederick Watcher Reserve is located in Keysborough, just north of the Parkmore Soccer Centre. The area caters for many sports from tennis, Aussie Rules, Cricket and in 2019 for Football with a new club South Eastern United (not to be mistaken for South East United) hosted games in the Bayside Football Association Premier Division.

Findon Reserve

Findon Reserve is located in Mill Park, Victoria and is home to Mil Park Soccer Club. The venue has two pitches, one a fair distance away from the main pavilion, with the main pitch enclosed by a fence. The Pavilion has undercover area which is great but the main pitch is just slightly some distance away from it. Their is a canteen with a social room. Parking on site is very limited so in my case had to find a spot around the surrounding streets.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Aurora Fields - Casa D'Abruzzo

Aurora Fields - Casa D'Abruzzo is one of two homes for Epping City SC. This venue is part of the privately owned Casa D'Abruzzo Club with the two pitches situated behind the main building and car park. The club has access to change-rooms a small part of the building that for the social room. Plenty of parking available on site.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Yallambie Park

Yallambie Park is located in Yallambie, Victoria and has been the long time home for Banyule City "Bulls" Soccer Club. The pitch is purpose built for football only with a small pavilion at the south end and tennis courts behind that. So little has changed over the years with no apparent changes even though the senior team has done considerably well. Parking is available on site but is limited.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Bailey Reserve

Bailey Reserve in East Bentleigh, Victoria is a venue that alternates with cricket and also is part of a larger area that includes a new skatepark and a large water leisure centre. The home club for football is East Bentleigh and they have access to two full size pitches with the main one as part of a large oval. The pavilion has been around for sometime and has your basic change rooms and kitchen area. Car parking has improved with a lot more parking spaces available than in the past.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Victory Park

Victory Park is situated in Bentleigh, Victoria. The area hold two pitches that alternates between cricket and football. The main pitch that the home club Caulfield Cobras uses is to the east of the pavilion. Parking bays are available on site but on a busy day parking is available on the streets.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Dendy Park - Brighton

Dendy Park is located in Brighton and for this images I am focusing on the section of the area that is used by Brighton Soccer Club. First you would drive past a pitch on your right that is used by East Brighton United but as you travel further down the path you end up at the new pavilion that is used by one of the longest running clubs Brighton.

RGC Cook Reserve

RGC Cook Reserve is located in Thomastown, Victoria and is now home to Plenty Valley Lions after it was left vacated by Sporting Whittlesea after that club merged with Mill Park. The venue itself has two full size pitches with the main one configured from North to South in front of the Pavilion. The Pavilion was expanded in 2016 with new change rooms, canteen and social room.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Alex Nelson Reserve

Alex Nelson Reserve is located in Springvale South and in 2019 a new pavilion was opened for use for the local cricket club during the summer side and the Noble Hurricanes FC for the winter ( formerly Harrisfield Hurricanes ).

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Kevin Bartlett Reserve - Bastow

Kevin Bartlett Reserve has two separate football only facilities with the one in focus in these photos sub-named Bastow. It is a venue that is snug neatly with the Monash Freeway to the South, Glen Waverely Railway line to the West and the University of Melbourne to the North. It has one main pitch with another smaller one to its East. Matches are regularly hosted under lights.