Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Williams Landing takes home Chaos Cup

Williams Landing FC is one of the newest clubs in the western suburbs of Victoria and already they have a trophy after the newly formed senior women's team won the 2020 Women's Chaos Cup hosted by Pakenham United by defeating a gallant Bayside Argonauts in the final.

2020 WCC FINAL - Bayside Argonauts v Williams Landing

Final of the 2020 Women's Football Chaos Cup hosted by Pakenham United.

2020 WCC Semi Final - Bayside Argonauts v Beaumaris

Friday, 6 March 2020

2020 KonQa Women's Chaos Cup : Fixtures

This Sunday 8th March Pakenham United will once again host the KonQa
Football Chaos Cup from IYU Recreation Reserve in Pakenham with six teams vying for the trophy. Here are the fixtures.

Did it again!