Thursday, 31 January 2019

Springside Recreational Reserve

Springside Recreational Reserve is a synthetic pitch located in Spring Hills, Victoria.

The venue has one full size pitch and a small size one. The pavilion has a large kitchen area along with a social room. The change rooms are on each side of the pavilion for the home and away teams. Many matches are contested under lights, especially the seniors teams, and thankful the lights had been upgraded slightly in 2018.

Glen Waverley North Reserve

Glen Waverley North Reserve is situated in Glen Waverley and is one of the number of venues that the club Glen Waverley Soccer Club uses. In this occasion it was the Glen Wavelery senior women's team that uses this venue as home.

Shipston Reserve

Shipston Reserve is located in Cheltenham, Victoria and is one of my favorite venues to visit.

With two pitches and a new pavilion built on the south side the only issue is trying to find parking which you need to do around the local streets.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Veneto Club - David Barro Stadium

The David Barro Stadium is a privately owned venue as part of a much large facility called the Veneto Club in Bulleen, Victoria. The main pitch we are focusing is synthetic and is one of the best venues in the National Premier League, Victoria. A stand one the east side is perfect for a good size crowd and helps generates a great atmosphere. The club rooms are apart of the main building on the west side that also includes a social / media room with an elevated view of the pitch.

Grices Road Reserve

Grices Road Reserve is a venue located in Narre Warren South, Victoria. It has at least three full size pitches and one of those is synthetic. The pavilion is set up on the west side of the main grass pitches. Their is also a electronic scoreboard. Parking bays are available on site.

Dallas Brooks Park

Dallas Brooks Park is situated in Mornington, Victoria. The venue is home to Mornington Soccer Club and has at least three full size pitches and two smaller ones. What you will noticed straight away is how dramatic the slopes are on the pitches including the main one in front of the pavilion. Parking is available on site.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Eden Killer Whales

Actually I have being struggling to find out what the name of this venue is so for the time being I will just call it by the home club’s name and that is the Eden Killer Whales. Definitely a unique name for a club.

RMIT Bundoora Sports Centre

RMIT Bundoora Sports Centre is located in Bundoora, Victoria and is part of the RMIT University. This pitch is as you can tell is synthetic with a running track around it. No coaches boxes and the change rooms are a little walk away. Parking is available on site.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Mt Lilydale Sporting Complex

Mt Lilydale Sporting Complex is located in Lilydale, Victoria and is just east of the disused railway line and north of the College. The venues was two pitches, one rectangle and one oval. The pavilion just sets in between with parking available on site.

West Bairnsdale Oval

West Bairnsdale Oval is located in Bairnsdale, Victoria some 290 km east of Melbourne. It is basically a football pitch placed in an oval that was used by the local cricket club and Aussie rules club before they shifted to the newer Bairnsdale City Oval.

Apollo - Mt Gambier

Apollo is a venue situated in Mt Gambier, South Australia. Not sure if it goes by any name but all I can find out the venue is at the end of Webb Street and is home to Apollo Football Club. It has one pitch and the club rooms are set up on the east side. Nice set up overall.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Caulfield Park - Pitch 7

Caulfield Park is a large reserve / parkland area that has a number of pitches. In this case we are looking at pitch 7 which is used by the FV State League club North Caulfield. This one can be found off Balacalva Road.

Partingtons Flat

Partingtons Flat is situated in Greensborough, Victoria. The reserve area has a number of ovals but in these photos we are focusing on the main pitch that was converted for football. The pavilion was built in the early 00's and once constructed the club Diamond Valley United moved from their previous venue at Willinda Park to here.

Gardiners Creek Reserve - Pitch 1

Gardiners Creek Reserve in Burwood is the home of National Premier League Victoria club Eastern Lions. The pavilion may be getting on in years but it still a decent set up for the club and spectators.

Baxter Park - Baxter

This Baxter Park is the one located in Baxter, Victoria. It is the home of FV State League club Baxter Soccer Club. Their is three full size pitches and the possibility of more depending if they use one of the ovals. The pavilion was such a welcome addition after the club struggled with a small building that then required portables to help with the demand.

John McEwan Reserve

John McEwan Reserve is located in Shepperton, Victoria, approximately 195 km north of Melbourne. This is part of the $21 million Greater Shepparton Regional Sports Precinct and what a beautiful venue this is.

Baxter Park - Warragul

Their are at least two Baxter Park's in the south east of Victoria and in these images we have the one in Warragul, home of FV State League club Warragul United.

The venue has one full size pitch set to s side of a small hill that in turns provides a natural elevated viewing experience for the spectators. The pavilion may not provided much in terms of undercover area but it is position well to provided a decent view of the pitch.

Friday, 25 January 2019

St Georges Reserve

St Georges Reserve is situated in Sebastopol, Victoria south of the city of Ballarat. The venue has one full size pitch and a considerable size pavilion that stretches along the west side of the pitch with an undercover area. From an outside perspective this is far superior in many ways than the artistic designs that fail to be useful any way that plaque many pavilions cropping up around Melbourne.

Trekardo Park

Trekardo Park is located in Redan, Victoria just south of the city of Ballarat. The venue appears to be split in two by Pleasant Street with the main focus on these photos are on the main pitch 1 with two more showing the pavilion and pitch on the west side of the road. The main feature is the J.M. Vissers Stand that on the west side of pitch one.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Karingal Reserve

Karingal Reserve is located in Port Noarlunga South, South Australia. The venue here has at league one full size pitch.

I captured these photos as I was a trip heading from Victor Harbour towards Glenelg back in 2015 on a rainy day. Since that time the grass pitch has been replaced with a synthetic one in 2018. The club rooms are on the south side behind the goal post with an undercover area and some seating just in front of the fence line.

The home team is FFSA State League 1 club Seaford Rangers.

Frank Mitchell Park

Frank Mitchell Park is a venue situated in Woodville West, South Australia. It has one full site pitch, simple but effective seating area for spectators, player race, onsite parking, lights fit for night matches etc. Honestly a decent set up looking from the outside.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Sumner Reserve

Sumner Reserve is located in Brunswick, Victoria and is home to the Brunswick Zebras. The venue has one full size grass pitch with an elevated pavilion that has an undercover stand. . The entire west side is a banking which is great for spectators. Parking I have been told is a bit difficult as you need to find a spot in one of the surrounding streets.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Casadio Park

Casadio Park is just south of the main town of Mount Gambier, South Australia. It is part of the
Italo Australian Club and is home to Limestone Coast Football Association club International Soccer Club.

The venue hold one pitch with small but effective seating stands on both sides of the pitch. A two level media box sits on the west side with a balcony. Parking is available on site.

Grange Reserve - Hoppers Crossing

There are two venues with the name Grange Reserve in Victoria and in this case we are looking at the one in Hoppers Crossing, home of FV State League club Hoppers Crossing SC.

Monday, 21 January 2019

The List - 2018

Photo by "The Man in the Stands"
This is a list I do annually to see who got what coverage from video highlights during 2018.

In 2018 I covered 71 league or cup matches with a record 19 matches from the Women's State League's. North Caulfield total is a combined of the Women's and Men's under the banner of "North Caulfield Maccabi" team even though you could argue they are two different clubs.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Barber Reserve - 2017

Barber Reserve is in Somerville, Victoria and for a brief period it hosted FV State League games. If the pitch looks bad in the pictures that is because it was very water logged and perhaps over used.

Somerville Eagles hosted six games here during their 2017 debut season before switching back to Somerville Secondary Collage for their remaining two home matches.

Jack Thomas Reserve - Until 2018

Jack Thomas Reserve is situated in Narre Warren, Victoria and is the home of FV State League Club Berwick City.

The venue has number of pitches with one use for senior games which is the focus in these photos. The pavilion in these photos has now been demolished with a new one currently under construction as I write this.

The need for a new pavilion is largely to the growth of this club. Match lights are used on occasion. Parking is not normally an issue on site.

Reggio Calabria Club - 2004

Reggio Calabria Club in Brunswick has gone over a lot of changes of late since the club has joined forces with Avondale FC to upgrade it to a National Premier League venue. But these photos take us back to a time when another club called it home.

Centenary Park

Centenary Park is located in Frankston, Victoria and is the home of Peninsula Strikers.

The venue hold two grass pitches. A undercover stand with seating is on the west side with the only setback is the coaches boxes in front. The pavilion itself underwent a major renovation and upgrade. Banking covers a good portion of the pitch so that is a bonus for spectators. Parking is available on site.

Monterey Boulevard Reserve

Monterey Boulevard Reserve is located in Frankston North, Victoria and in the long time home of the Frankston Pines and also Southern United from the NPLW. Victorian Premier League football was held here until the Frankston Pine's last season in the top division in 2008.

Wallace Reserve

Wallace Reserve is located in Glenroy, Victoria right next to the Western Ring Road and is the home of FV State League club Glenroy Lions.

 The venue consist of two full size pitches and room for more. The pavilion is set back a bit so not useful for watching matches from but does hold a considerable amount of the clubs history inside the social room with a bar. Just outside the door is the canteen and small eating area.

Saltwater Reserve

Saltwater Reserve in Point Cook, Victoria is one of the more newer venues and it is a very large sporting hub that consists of at least three full size football pitches and three ovals.

Godfrey Baldwin Reserve

Godfrey Baldwin Reserve is located in Sale, Victoria and it is approximately 215 kilometers away to the east of Melbourne. Their are three pitches with the main one fenced, has a small undercover area in front on the club rooms and plenty of parking on site.

Kingston Heath Soccer Complex - Pitch 1

Kingston Heath Soccer Complex - Pitch 1 has become one of the more recognisable venues in Victoria after the exploits of the home club Benteligh Greens in the FFA Cup and therefore receiving exposure on the Fox Sports Network.

The venue is located right opposite of the Moorabbin DFO and the Moorabbin airport and frequently you will see small aircraft landing or taking off very close to the venue.

Burrage Reserve

Burrage Reserve is located in Newborough, Victoria and is home to Latrobe Valley Soccer League club Newborough Yallourn United. The venue comprises of two pitches, a large undercover standing area in front the club-rooms on the west side. Plenty of parking available on site.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Monbulk Regional Soccer Facility

Monbulk Regional Soccer Facility is a new football complex built in Monbulk, Victoria. The setting is scenic as it is set in the hills but these photos were taking during two different night matches.

Dorset Recreation Reserve

Dorset Recreation Reserve is situation in Croydon, Victoria and is the home of Croydon City Arrows. Set near the Dandenong Ranges it is one of the more scenic venues in Victoria.

Esther Park Reserve

Esther Park Reserve is situated in Mooroolbark, Victoria and is the home of Mooroolbark "barkers" SC. The venue hold three pitches with two pavilions on each side. In these photo we focus on the main pitch that host games for many of the teams under the banner of Mooroolbark.

Monash Reserve

Monash Reserve in Newborough, Victoria is the home of Latrobe Valley Soccer League club Monash Wolves.

Built into a slight hill, the main pitch therefore has a good elevated view for spectators on the west side to the south. You will normally see cars park right on the edge so they for some they can watch the match from the comfort of their own car. Their is also second pitch to the north which now has been fenced. New lights have been installed in ready for the 2019 season. The club rooms has been extended to hold more change-rooms and inside their is a social room.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Terrara Park

Terrara Park is in Vermont South, Victoria and is a very large sporting park land which holds a large number of pitches. Plenty of change rooms with a canteen / clubroom that is split between four pavilions!

Gardiners Creek Reserve - Pitch 2

Gardiners Creek Reserve - Pitch 2 is the new synthetic pitch as part of the football complex at Gardiners Creek Reserve. These photos are from the first official match of the new synthetic pitch that was very much welcomed by the host clubs.

Newhaven Recreation Reserve

Newhaven Recreation Reserve is in Newhaven, Victoria. The venue is home to Phillip Island "Breakers" and compete in the local South Gippsland Soccer League and have so since they moved from the Bayside Soccer League many years ago.

JT Gray Reserve - Pitch 1

JT Gray Reserve in Williamstown, Victoria is separated between at least two clubs. This part, pitch 1, is home to FV State League club Williamstown FC.

One of many pitches in this area the one in these photos are the main enclosed pitch. In the background is the oil refinery that is scattered around this area. The clubs rooms are at the west side behind the goals.

Kim Reserve

Kim Reserve in Altona, Victoria is the home to FV State League club Altona City. The venue has two pitches, a good amount of parking onsite and a pavilion that is on the west side of the main pitch.

Duane Reserve

Duane Reserve is situated in Brooklyn, Victoria and it is home to FV State League club Altona North SC. The venue consist of one pitch and a pavilion on the east side that offers limited undercover area. Very few parking bays available means you need to find a spot somewhere on the street.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Tatterson Park

Tatterson Park is situated in Keysborough, Keysborough and has numerous sports field but is this case we are going to focus on the one that has a magnificent new pavilion and one that many should look at when designing such pavilions.

Paisley Park - Pitch 3

Paisley Park - Pitch 3 is the on the east side of the Paisley Park Soccer Complex that is split between the host of this side Altona East Phoenix and on the west side Altona Magic.

Paisley Park - Pitch 1

Paisley Park - Pitch 1 is the part of the Paisley Park Soccer Complex that is split between two clubs and in this one we are focusing on the side that Altona Magic, one of the most successful clubs in the old Victorian Premier League and a National Premier League Victoria club.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Jack Grunt Reserve

Jack Grunt Reserve is situated in Aspendale, Victoria and is home for FV State League club Aspendale "Stingrays" Soccer Club and during the alternative seasons home to cricket club Parkdale United Cricket Club.

Recently the venue received a $780,000 upgrade to the pavilion for new change rooms. One pitch is available. Parking appears to limited unless you park along the street. 

Greaves Reserve

Greaves Reserve is in Dandenong, Victoria and is the home of FV State League club White Star Dandenong and during the summer months the Dandenong Cricket Club.

Recently the pavilion got a major upgrade and for the football I think it was two full size pitches that are available. The pitch always appears to be in good condition.

Did it again!